Pablo Zarate is an accomplished independent designer and art director from the beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He has a vast experience in many creative fields, and had worked for both big and small brands and clients.


When he is not involved with a personal project or acting as the Visual Designer for all digital products of FOX Network Group Europe (overseeing everything from Brand to User Experience), You will find him serving as the Co-Founder of Pulmón or as the Co-Organizer of CreativeMornings/Buenos Aires.


He is best known as a poster designer (Visit his Design Archive) and for being an addict for sideprojects, like the one he started in 2013 called PSA for creatives where he was able to share some ideas and lessons with the global creative community through beautiful posters.

Colleagues from around the globe had welcomed and joined his cause.

You can catch up with Pablo on:
Pablo Zarate's Design Archive