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Pablo Zarate is an accomplished designer and digital artist from the beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He has a vast experience in many creative fields, and had worked for both big and small brands and clients. Currently he is the Sr. Designer for all digital products of FIC Europe.

With a love for side-projects, in 2013 he started something called PSA for creatives where he was able to share some ideas and lessons with the global creative community through beautiful posters.

Colleagues from around the world had welcomed and joined his cause.

Selected Works

Space Oddity
You'll never leave Harlan alive
CHAIRS. A tribute to seats.
The King is Dead. Long live the King.
Contracampaña por el Bicentenario de la Nación Argentina

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Selected photos

New York
Eiffel Tower
Wien, Austria

—this is my manifesto, My design ethos:

by the way, how kind of you for scrolling so far. Thank you.
  • Design is an intellectual profession.
  • It has to be honest and clever.
  • A good designer works for the people and more importantly for messages and ideas.
  • Every designer must fulfil their creativity hunger and aim higher. No matter the cost.
  • The job of the designer is to nurture the best idea, avoiding the commodity of thinking that the audience is dumb.
  • Designers must help, respect and recognise other designers.
  • Hard work is key. Talent is not enough.

For projects, mentoring opportunities or inquiries:

hello (at) pablozarate (dot) com


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