Pablo Zarate is an accomplished Designer and Digital artist from the beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He has a vast experience in many creative fields, and had worked for both big and small brands and clients. Currently he works as a Designer for all digital products of FIC Europe.

With a love for side-projects, in 2013 he started something called where he was able to share some ideas and lessons with the global creative community through beautiful posters.

Colleagues from around the world had welcomed and joined his cause.

beautiful images
since 1999

Space Oddity

Vintage poster movie-like themed inspired by David Bowie's song: Space Oddity

Space Oddity –Visit FULL project on behance
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“For the sarcastic ones, the apathetic ones, the boring ones in general… a single word, a single shout… Avalanche!”

Avalancha –Visit FULL project on behance
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You'll never leave Harlan Alive

«Well boys, there's a new sheriff in town» As I did with the "Space Oddity" Movie Poster, I created the second poster of my saga.
This time I selected a beautiful country tune by Darrell Scott: “You'll never leave Harlan Alive”

You'll never leave Harlan Alive –Visit FULL project on behance
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Chairs: A tribute to seats

As a designer I've always had a great admiration for those who were able to transform objects of the daily life into art pieces.
Here I present my tribute to the seats I love.

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David Bowie's Aladdin Sane

Aladdin Sane is the sixth album of rock legend David Bowie and also one of his most iconic records.
This poster is a humble tribute to this album.

David Bowie's Aladdin Sane –Visit FULL project on behance
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